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Active Surface Wave Data Analysis
Efficiently process active surface wave data using MASW and SASW with GA inversion
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Data input
  • Import all seismic records of a survey line at one time
  • Efficiently assign geometry measured with slope or horizontal distance
  • Input elevation data
  • Optionally load dispersion curves together with seismic data for reprocessing
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Dispersion curve picking
  • Mute noise and select traces for dispersion analysis
  • Test apparent velocity of surface waves on traces
  • Set frequency range with amplitude spectrum
  • Incorporate elevation data in dispersion analysis
  • Extract dispersion curves with MASW or SASW
  • Generate dispersion images in F-K, F-V, or F-P domain
  • Interactively or semi-automatically pick dispersion curves with a spectrum graph
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  • Automatically or interactively build an initial model
  • Specify Poisson's ratio and density for each layer
  • Fix any layers in inversion
  • Invert dispersion curves with genetic algorithm (GA)
  • Allow simultaneous inversion of shear wave velocity and layer thickness
  • Optionally constrain the inversion by the trend of initial model
  • Support fundamental and higher modes of Rayleigh and Love waves
  • Automatically invert dispersion curves of all records at a time
  • Interactively pause and resume, or stop the inversion procedure
  • Plot dispersion curves and velocity models
  • Display velocity sections with colours, contours, and editable lithologic symbols
  • Trim velocity section based on the depth of bottom layer
  • Plot well data
  • Simultaneously display dispersion curves and velocity section
  • Apparent Vs, Vs30 (or Vs100), depth-weighted velocities, and SPT-N values
  • Velocity section with a blanking file
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