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SF Imager

Single-fold Reflection or GPR Data Processing
A feature-rich application for processing single-fold seismic reflection or GPR data
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Data input
  • Import data of a survey line
  • Optionally input common offset gathers generated in REFLECTOR
  • Assign geometry in forward or reverse trace order
  • Support SEG-2, SEG-Y, SEG-D, ASCII, MALA, ImpulseRadar, and other data formats
SF Imager screenshot 0.0
  • Elevation correction and first-arrival alignment static correction
  • AGC, trace balance, and time-variant scaling
  • Frequency filtering
  • Spiking deconvolution and predictive deconvolution
  • Random noise attenuation
  • Surgical, top, and bottom trace muting
  • Velocity picking based on diffraction curves
  • Time migration
  • Time-to-depth conversion
  • Semi-automatic horizon picking
  • Extraction of instantaneous amplitude, phase, and frequency
  • Undo or redo multiple steps in data processing
SF Imager screenshot 1.0
  • Print ultra-long section
  • Save section with customized image size