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2D and 3D Plotting of Velocity or Seismic Sections
Plot 3D fence diagram for all velocity or seismic sections in a survey area
Seismapper main screenshot
Data Input
  • Input 2D velocity sections generated in DW TOMO, REFRACTOR, SURFACE, SURFACE PLUS, or XW TOMO
  • Input seismic sections generated in REFLECTOR or SF IMAGER
  • Load all sections in a survey area with a map view
  • Position sections based on the starting and ending coordinates
  • Automatically merge partially overlapped velocity sections with data smoothing
  • Select any sections for display
Seismapper screenshot 0.0
2D section
  • Display velocity sections with colours, contours, and editable lithologic symbols
  • Display seismic sections with colour density or wiggle
  • Plot well data on velocity sections
Fence diagram
  • Interactively rotate, pan, and zoom the 3D view
  • Animate fence diagram and automatically save the animation

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