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Downhole Seismic Velocity Logging
Interactive simultaneous processing of P-wave and S-wave data for downhole velocity surveys
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Data input
  • Import all 3-component records at one time
  • Efficiently assign geometry with layout chart
  • Optionally load first-break picks together with seismic data for reprocessing
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Data processing
  • AGC, trace balance, and frequency filtering
  • Shear wave polarization correction
  • Undo or redo multiple steps in data processing
First-break picking
  • Simultaneously or separately display P waves and reverse polarity S waves
  • Pick first breaks with a trace magnifier
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Layer assignment
  • Interactively assign layers based on regression lines
  • Automatically update interval and average velocities
  • Interval and average velocities
  • Poisson's ratio, shear modulus, Young's modulus, and bulk modulus
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