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Surface and Shallow-well Microseismic Data Processing
All-in-one application for surface microseismic monitoring with high accuracy in real time
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Accurate and reliable results

Our state-of-the-art algorithms significantly improve the accuracy of source locations with more events detected.

Real-time processing

Our proprietary parallel imaging technologies locate events within ten seconds of microseismic activity recorded by dozens to over 1000 geophones.

Interactive quality control

The position and focal mechanism of any source can be validated with microseismic data.

Main features
  • Flexible acquisition array
  • Anisotropic velocity model building
  • Velocity calibration
  • Robust and fast ray tracing
  • Signal enhancement
  • Automated processing in real time
  • Automated focal mechanism estimation
  • Classification of events
  • SRV building
  • Interactive quality control
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