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Full-wave Modeling
Elastic full-wave modeling for complex velocity structures, refreshing wavefields and seismograms throughout the process
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Velocity model building
  • Define constant, layered, or complex velocity model with topography
  • Interactively edit model and add cavities
  • Simultaneously display Vp, Vs, and density sections
Modeling settings
  • Set up surface and/or downhole geometry
  • Specify source location and wavelet
  • Set sampling parameters
  • Select wavefield components
Modeling2D screenshot 0.0
  • Simulate full wavefield of elastic waves with finite difference method
  • Dynamically plot wavefields and seismograms
  • Automatically save snapshots of wavefields and seismograms
  • Overlay velocity model with wavefield
  • Wavefields
  • Seismograms
  • Velocity model

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