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DW Tomo3D

3D Refraction Tomography
Derive three-dimensional subsurface velocity structures with efficient first-break picking and fast 3D shortest path ray tracing
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Data input
  • Import all records of a survey area at one time
  • Efficiently assign 3D geometry with layout chart
  • Support downhole receivers and sources
  • Optionally load first-break picks together with seismic data for reprocessing
  • Support third-party picks formats
DW Tomo3D screenshot 0.0
Data processing
  • AGC, trace balance, and frequency filtering
  • Reverse polarity of selected traces
  • Undo or redo multiple steps in data processing
First-break picking
  • Manually pick first breaks with a trace magnifier
  • Automatically pick first breaks guided by picks on common offset gathers
DW Tomo3D screenshot 1.0
  • Initial model building based on the travel time versus offset plot
  • 3D ray tracing with fast shortest path algorithm
  • 3D regularized tomographic inversion with multiple constraints
  • Simultaneously update the picked and calculated first arrivals on seismic traces
  • Interactively pause and resume or stop the tomography procedure
  • Review results of each iteration with fitting error analysis
DW Tomo3D screenshot 2.0
  • Display 3D velocity volume with multiple vertical and horizontal slices
  • Interactively sweep velocity volume
  • Interactively rotate, pan, and zoom 3D view
  • Trim velocity volume based on ray paths
  • Plot ground surface