Geogiga XW Tomo 9.3 — Crosswell Tomography Software

The velocity between wells can be estimated with travel time. Based on the grid ray tracing and regularized inversion approach, XW TOMO is capable of deriving the velocity structure among multiple vertical or deviated wells, while also allowing ground-surface variation.


  • Quickly check and assign geometry with layout chart
  • Trigger time correction
  • Filter and scale seismic data with support of undo and redo functions
  • Automatically or manually pick first arrivals with a trace magnifier
  • Overlay shear wave recordsnew
  • Multiple approaches to build initial model
  • Robust grid ray tracing
  • Use straight-line or ray-bent pathsnew
  • Regularized iterative inversion with constraints
  • Suitable for multiple vertical or deviated wells
  • Check the picked and calculated first arrivals directly on seismic traces
  • Fitting error analysis
  • Interactively pause and resume or stop the tomography procedure
  • Simultaneously update the display of first arrivals and ray paths
  • Review the inverted model in each iteration
  • Plot velocity section with colors, contours, and editable lithologic symbols
  • Plot well data on the velocity section
  • Output velocity section overlaid with ray paths