Geogiga VSP 9.3 — Vertical Seismic Profiling Software

VSP can handle the zero-offset and offset VSP surveys. It uses the F-K or median filter to separate upgoing and downgoing waves, and then deconvolves the upgoing waves by applying a wavelet designed on the downgoing waves. Finally, it builds a corridor stack, or VSP-CDP mapping.


  • Support zero-offfset and offset VSP survey
  • Support offset VSP in a deviated wellnew
  • Interactively pick first breaks with a trace magnifier
  • Static time shift
  • Calculate interval velocity and average velocity
  • Separate upgoing and downgoing waves with F-K filter and median filter
  • Deconvolve upgoing waves by applying wavelet designed on downgoing waves
  • Display and output upgoing and downgoing waves in two-way traveltime
  • Corridor mute
  • Corridor stack
  • VSP-CDP transform
  • Butterworth and Ormsby filters with band pass, low pass, high pass, band reject, and notch options
  • Automatic gain control (AGC), trace balance, time variant scaling, and single trace scaling
  • Undo and redo multi-step processing on seismic data