Geogiga Refractor 9.3 — Seismic Refraction Data Processing Software

REFRACTOR provides the intercept time method, delay time method, ABC method, and generalized reciprocal method (GRM) for seismic refraction surveys. You can automatically or manually pick first breaks, easily assign first arrivals to layers, and quickly phantom time-distance curves. The velocity and elevation may vary along a profile and there are no limits on the number of layers.


  • Load all shots at one time
  • Shot depth correction
  • Trigger delay correction
  • Overlay traces
  • Check and define geometry with layout chart
  • Input geometry as slope or horizontal distance
  • Allow irregular spacing and rough ground surface
  • Identify lateral velocity variation
  • Automatically or manually pick first breaks with a trace magnifier
  • Check first break picks on traces at any time
  • Interactively assign first arrivals to layers and dynamically update layer velocitynew
  • Automatically or manually phantom time-distance curves
  • Allow segmenting surface velocity
  • Interpret with the intercept time method, delay time method, ABC method, and GRM
  • Create velocity section filled with editable lithologic symbols
  • Plot well data on the velocity section
  • Filter and scale seismic data with support of undo and redo functions
  • Support SEG-2, SEG-Y, SEG-D, ASCII, and other user defined seismic data formats
  • Automatically recognize 3rd party picks formats
  • Export velocity section to GEOGIGA DW TOMO as an initial model