Geogiga Reflector 9.3 — Seismic Reflection Data Processing Software

REFLECTOR is an all-inclusive standalone application designed for seismic reflection survey. All the processing modules are integrated to speed up the process without workflow interruptions. The multi-step undo and redo functions make it easier and more efficient to tune the processing parameters. The high level of interactivity enables full control over the data processing and ensures higher quality.



  • Check and define geometry with layout chart
  • Load all shots at one time and select any record for QC
  • Trigger delay correction
  • Divergence correction
  • Random noise attenuation
  • Frequency scan
  • Time variant band-pass filter
  • Tomo statics
  • Create a processing log to save and restore parameters in processing seismic data
  • Sort gathers on the fly in the order of CMP, common offset, common shot, or common receiver
  • Automatic gain control (AGC), trace balance, and time variant scaling
  • Scale, mute, or reverse seismic traces inside or outside any shape of defined regions
  • Field static correction including shot depth correction and elevation correction
  • Spiking deconvolution and predictive deconvolution
  • Butterworth and Ormsby filters with band pass, low pass, high pass, band reject, and notch options
  • F-K filter and high resolution Tau-p mapping with any specified region
  • Calculate, display, and save the frequency spectrum of each tracenew
  • Velocity analysis with velocity spectrum and velocity scan
  • NMO correction and inverse NMO correction
  • Residual static correction with flat or floating time window
  • Stacking with alpha-trimmed, optimum offset, diversity, and phase weighted methods
  • Post-stack migration
  • Time to depth conversion
  • Horizon pickingnew
  • Generate instantaneous attributes of amplitude, phase, frequency, and Q
  • Undo and redo multi-step processing on seismic data
  • Support SEG-2, SEG-Y, SEG-D, ASCII, and other user-defined data formats
  • Print ultra-long seismic profile
  • Save extra-large seismic image