Geogiga Front End 9.3 — Seismic Data Preprocessing Software

FRONT END is designed to preprocess single shot record. You can convert data formats, assign geometry, shift and swap seismic traces, filter and scale seismic data, and more. Several batch commands are available, such as data resampling, trigger delay correction, vertical stacking, and Vibroseis correlation.


  • Check and define geometry
  • Batch vertical stacking
  • Correct trigger delay
  • Swap traces
  • Resample and cut seismic data
  • Integrate multiple seismic files
  • Analyze amplitude decay
  • Vibroseis correlation
  • Pick first breaks
  • Shift a trace
  • Divergence correction and normalization
  • Undo/Redo multi-step processing on seismic data
  • Extract traces from multiple seismic data files by the range of either channel or offsetnew
  • Split a large seismic data file into single shot recordsnew
  • Assemble single station seismic traces to form a record, especially for passive surface wave data processingnew
  • Scale, mute, average, or reverse seismic traces inside or outside any shape of a defined region
  • Automatic gain control (AGC), trace balance, and time variant scaling
  • Butterworth and Ormsby filters with band pass, low pass, high pass, band reject, and notch options
  • Support SEG-2, SEG-Y, SEG-D, ASCII, SAC, MiniSEEDnew, MALA, and other user-defined data format
  • Convert other data formats to SEG-2, SEG-Y, SEG-D, or ASCII format