Geogiga DW Tomo3D 9.3 — 3D Refraction Tomography Software

DW TOMO3D utilizes the robust grid ray tracing and regularized inversion approach to derive 3D velocity structure directly from first arrivals in 3D seismic surveys.



  • Load all shots at one time
  • Quickly check and assign geometry
  • Allow rough ground surface
  • Handle shot points and receivers located from groud surface to boreholesnew
  • Filter and scale seismic data with support of undo and redo functions
  • Support 3rd party picks formatsnew
  • Simultaneously auto-pick first arrivals of all records
  • Automatically and interactively build initial model
  • Utilize robust ray tracing and regularized iterative inversion with constraints
  • Check the picked and calculated first arrivals on seismic traces
  • Pause and resume or stop the tomography procedure
  • Visually analyze fitting errors and review the results of each iteration
  • Trim the inverted velocity model based on the ray coverage